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DIY HC E-リキッド

DIY ピュア・ニコチン 10ML

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最低価格と卸売E-液体ニコチン!純粋なニコチン濃度:99.9%=999 mg / mlのを

  • sam
    Great DIY stuff

    I ordered 2 bottles 10ml nic, It arrives in 4 days. Great products. It makes a great e-juice, I never see such fresh e-juice. The nic has tobacco flavor itself, Really great DIY stuff

  • Lamy

    The best freshest nicotine I ever brought.The color is clear like water, pure and have no chemical smell, but when you smell , you can feel the tobacco flavor, 2 drops in 10ml e-juice can make a great throat hit. Recommended but handle with cautions!!!

  • Jim
    pure nicotine

    I have brought this many times, sometime with mail shipping which takes about 3 weeks, and EMS takes 7 days. Shipping is ok, no problem, the nic is pure and clear, sometimes very light yellow which is normal. I must say this is the best place to buy the nic for e-juice DIY. I own a small e-liquid shop, I make the e-juice with the nic , it is very fresh, and it tastes even better. But you need to be careful with this, with double cautions!!!

  • jacky

    By far, the purest nicotine I have tried!

  • lucky
    High Quality

    This is the best Nicotine I have ever mixed with my e-liquids. cheap with high quality


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