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DIY HC E-リキッド

DIY ピュア・ニコチン 60ML

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最低価格と卸売E-液体ニコチン!純粋なニコチン濃度:99.9%=999 mg / mlのを

  • jura
    THanks guys!

    They sent me an extra order! No idea why. lol, yay. THanks guys!

  • Justin
    All compliments to HelloCig

    Hello. I can say that I was very pleasantly surprised. nicotine bases and aromas. Course there is the good prices affordable for everyone's budget. All compliments to HelloCig !!!

  • Kimbyeongkwan

    Clear, fresh nicotine. Totally pleased.

  • Kokot
    like all of them

    Hi hellocig. Thanks for your nicotine, I have a a e-juice store, I have search for a long time for a reliable nicotine and flavor supply. Untill the day day I received the nicotine from you. It is clear and pure, the freshest nicotine I ever saw.The purity makes the nicotine works better. It comes with tobacco flavor and makes the tobacco ejuice tastes much better.And your flavor are great.I tried the mango, old captain , dunhill,strawberry, I like all of them.


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