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HC X6 電子タバコ スーツ

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HC X6 電子タバコ スーツ

X6 starter kit is highly power-efficient. Its system is calculated to provide 5 times more puffs than the conventional e-cigarette. It features soft key button for an outstanding operational feel.

Experience X6 Starter Kit Technology

X6 Starter kit offers variable voltage technology where in you can change the voltage level of your kit for maximized Vaping experience. This newest modification to E-cigarette (we call now as MOD) can pave a way for you to extra enjoy our wide variety of e-liquids! With variable voltage, you can explore more flavors on our catalogue and match it with your preferred voltage level. The higher the voltage, the more vapor production it can provide!

Plus, it has short-circuit and overtime-smoking protection for a guaranteed safe and efficient usage. With the low-voltage alarm, the unit will stop working and blinks 10 times in case drops to a lower voltage than 3.3v.

Starter Kit includes:

  • 1X 1100mah Rechargeable lithium battery
  • 1X X6-V2 Tank Atomizer
  • 1X USB cable
  • 1X A/C Adapter
  • 1X User Manual
  • 10ml E-Liquid
  • 1X EGO Big Bag


  • Battery capacity: 1100 mAh with the five click protection system*
  • Full Battery capacity: 1100 puffs
  • Battery lifespan: 1100 times
  • Full charging time: 3-5 hours
  • Normal working voltage: 3.3 – 4.2V
  • Diameter: 20mm
  • Length: 103mm
  • Atomizer capacity: 2.4ml of e-liquid


  • Do not use the device if the atomizer is empty.
  • Avoid welding the battery directly or puncturing it with a nail or other sharp objects. Do not throw the battery into water.
  • Please do not put X6 nearby any high temperature places/object; otherwise the heating element inside the Atomizer might be affected.
  • Do not press the button too long as it may cause damage.
  • Do not use the unit in an upside down position.
  • ron

    Small enough to fit in my pocket. Durable. Charge lasts a decent amount of time. my first one is still going strong. Just bought another one in December so I can use that one while the other charges, so I recommend having two. Great option for people wanting something simple and durable.

  • Ben

    I decided a while ago to start vaping. What took me so long to switch over was being overwhelmed by the market variety and terminology. I think I know now what it is like when I talk about my computer to someone with no prior computer knowledge.

    So- forward to buying this kit. The One Kit. You can't really go wrong with a name like that. I bought the kit, along with an extra battery and some atomisers and fluid. I have found it is easy to use, the instructions are easy to understand. With two batteries, I find it quite easy to always have a battery charged. Honestly, if you are just starting out, this is a great place to begin.


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