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ST10-S 電子タバコ

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スリムでエレガントな自我スターターキット。ボトムコイル変更のBCC clearomizer、巨大な蒸気

This beautiful slim electronic cigarette is prepared for ladies. It is sure to be a favorite with the female vapers! Sleek beautiful design. Easy to slip into a handbag or purse . It gives women smokers the nicotine they crave, but doesn't contain the hazardous tar found in normal cigarettes! It's great way to decrease the negative effects of smoking or if you want to quit smoking. Ladies, get yours NOW or MEN pick one up for that special female in your life! 

Starter Kit includes:

  • ONE Rechargeable Battery with 310 mAh capacity and 5 click shut off system*
  • ONE ST10-S Clear Cartomizers
  • ONE USB Adaptor
  • ONE USB Apple Mini Wall Charger
  • ONE Gift Box
  • User Manual. 


  • Color: you can Select different Color Red,White,Black
  • Battery    Rechargeable battery Thread: 510thread
  • Volume of atomizer: 1.0ml
  • Size of ST10 battery: D11.2*80(mm)
  • Atomizer: D11.2*67(mm) 

How to use ST10-S Slim E-Cigarette?

First, Unthread the top cap of the Atomizer, then, Fill the E-Cartomizer with an E-liquid of your choice using a needle bottle or a syringe, finally Screw down carefully and make sure it is rightfully threaded in the body of Atomizer. 


  •  Do not refill the cartomizer of e-liquid to complete full level. It's better to refill the cartomizer for just about 80%
  • Do not use the device if cartomizer is empty
  •  Avoid welding the battery directly or puncturing it with a nail or other sharp objects. Do not throw the battery into water
  •  Please do not put ST10-S nearby any high temperature object; otherwise the heating element inside the cartomizer might be broken from too high temperature
  • Michael

    Very thick and sturdy, pumps liquid out very well.

  • Jessica Jane

    i order this kit as i already had a liquid e-cig, but i have found the one i am going to stick to.

    Its easy to use and much better for taste, i have found that because it is bottom feed the level of liquid can go down a lot more before it needs to be refiled.

    Its light and easy to get on with, i would remand to anyone who wants a e-cig, battery is fast charging taking about 2 hours for a full charge.


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