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HC 電子タバコ用 リキッド

濃い香り型 HC 電子タバコ用リキッド 10ML

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濃い香り型 HC 電子タバコ用リキッド 10ML


44 kinds of tobacco flavors, you can enjoy the same feeling as a tobacco cigar or cigarette.

  • Akash
    I like your cigarette better.

    I like your cigarette better. It makes more vapor and the flavors are far superior. I just ordered more flavors. The tobacco flavors taste much more like real cigarettes than any of the other e-cigs I've tried and the fruit flavors are delicious. The price of your e liquid is very good, also. I like being able to buy sample packs and being able to customize the look of the cigarette is fun.


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