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HC 電子タバコ用 リキッド

バージニア HC 電子タバコ用リキッド 10ML

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バージニア HC 電子タバコ用リキッド 10ML

Virginia HelloCig E-Liquid 10ml
  • newyorker

    This tastes a bit like a cigar to me, but it is a very balanced clean taste. Not overpowering like some other tobacco juices that you can find online. I give this a thumbs up for sure. I got the 18mg flavor.

  • Johnny

    I haven't a clue what this tastes like.
    It isn't bad at all, but it doesn't taste
    even slightly like any type of tobacco I've ever used.
    I smoke both Marlboro's and Pall Mall's at the moment, and also change brands rather frequently.
    As I said, this tastes pretty good. I'll try it again in different taste strengths.

  • Randall
    Very surprised

    I was very pleased with how close to a light cig this compared to.


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