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X6-V2 アトマイザー

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X6/ EGOSと互換性X6-V2のアトマイザー

The Classic gets Overhauled! 

X6-V2 is an improved version of the X6 atomizer. It has big round opening for easy-refill process. It produces excellent vapor and give you surprising draws. The design is classic and elegant and it fits all EGO’s and CE’s battery series.

E-Cig X6-V2 Tank Atomizer characteristics:

  • With dial gauge, it is easy to check the E-Liquid quantity directly
  • Exchangeable screw-on coil heads
  • No leakage at all. It is easy to refill and clean
  • Great vapor. No burning smell
  • Compatible with all the eGo and CE4, CE5 models.

Refill the Eliq-Cart with E-Liquid

  • Unthread the top cap of the Atomizer
  • Fill the E-Cartomizer with an E-liquid of your choice using a needle bottle or a syringe
  • Tip: Fill in your Eliq-Cart with 80% of E-liquid only to avoid over filling or plugs.
  • just remove the top cap, drop E-Liquid inside the tube wall .


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