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DIY Flavor Concentrate

60ML TFA TPA USA Flavor Concentrated The Perfumers Apprentice

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TFA TPA USA Flavor Concentrated The Perfumers Apprentice


TFA TPA USA Flavor Concentrated The Perfumers Apprentice

10ML USA Capella Flavors

  • Always research before attempting to make your own eliquid.
  • Use our DIY Eliquid Calculator to configure you blend.
  • Recommended mix: 8%-20%
  • Recommended steep time: 4 weeks (open air)
  • Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse eyes with water.
  • Store in cold and dry place. Keep it out of reach of very young children.
  • Keep tightly closed and avoid exposure to light sources and air.
  • Concentrate flavours that would be best stored in glass and all are shipped in PE plastic dripper bottles for safe shipping.


TFA/TPA concentrate flavor List

Caramel(Original) Vanilla Custard
Cheesecake Apple
DX Bavarian Cream Pear
Coconut(Extra)  Blueberry(Extra)
Irish Cream Caramel
Peanut Butter Cocoa Round
Butterscoth Kiwi(Double)
CottonCandy JackFruit
Apple Pie Tobacco
BananaCream Lychee
French Vanilla Mango
Strawberry(Ripe) Passion Fruit
RY4 Double Peach(Juicy)
Double Chocolate(Dark) Grape Candy
Black Honey Watermelon
Honey BlackCurrant
Absinthe Concentrate Jamaican Rum
Cinnamon Bubblegum(Juice Style)
Strawberry Black Tea
Vanillin Turkish
Bourbon Vanilla DK Tobacco Base
Hazelnut Almond Amaretto
Toasted Almond Egg Nog
Kentucky Bourbon Dairy/Milk
Vanilla Bean ICE Cream Green Apple 
Ripe Banana Lemon Lime Flavor
Lemon(Water Soluble) Crème DE Menthe flavor
Pineapple Pecan 
Champagne Type Menthol 
Pomegranate Sour  
Coffee Koolada 10PG 
Sweet Cream Acetyl Pyrazine 5% PG 
Brown Sugar(Extra) Sweetener  
Cappuccino Cherry Blossom
Dragon Fruit Mild&Black
Vanilla Swirl Ducle de Leche
Greek Yogurt Pie Crust
Guava Cinnamon Sugar Cookie
Orange Mandarin Graham Cracker
Cubano Type Popcorn
Green Tea Raspberry
Cola French Vanilla Creme
Smooth Whipped Cream
Strawberries & cream Philippine Mango
papaya Absinth
Marijane Hawaiian Drink
Cantaloupe Chai Tea
Ethyl Maltol 10% black cherry
Kettle Corn Espresso
RY4 Asian Orange Cream
Tutt-Fruit Deluxe Blueberry(Wild)
Mojito Berry Mix
Butter Earl Grey tea
Cheesecake(Graham Crust) Western
Tiramisu Citrus punch
Double Chocolate (Clear) DX Marshmallow
Graham Cracker(Clear) Milk chocolate
Apple(Tart Green Apple) Crunchy Cereal
Blackberry Blueberry Candy(PG)
coconut Fruit circle
Cola syrup  Honeydew
Taro Hickory Smoke
Yam  Wintergreen
Red Oak Red Type Blend



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