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Dropshipping Program

HelloCig Dropshipping Program

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a term used for directly selling the goods to your customer from the supplier without getting it to your place and then resend it to your customer. Having us do the work of packing and sending them to your customers - in your name. 

How does drop shipping benefit you?

Drop Shipping is an easy way for you to start earning profit by selling quality products. By listing our products on your website and taking advantage of Drop Shipping, you will: 

  • Become a worldwide e-commerce retailer at a low cost with no risk.
  • Offer a wide selection of products without the need to purchase or store inventory.
  • Select product types on HelloCig and determine your own retail prices and profit.
  • Have your products packaged and shipped to your customers by us at no extra cost IN YOUR NAME. 

How Drop Shipping works:

1. Contact with for approval. Please include a brief description about your business or plan.

2. You get orders from your customers.

3. You place the same orders on our site and offer us your customers' shipping address. Order message "dropshipping" is very necessary.

4. We ship the products to your customers directly - in your name.

In a short word,  you sell, we ship!  You can rely on us to take care of all that for you. 

Privacy about Drop Shipping

You may assured of it. We have particular procedures to ensure not mentioning us on the package list, plus, we will not include any packaging material containing our logo/brand/name. It means that your customer base will be protected. 

Please note that some of our featured products contain our logo. Also, there is production code carved on DIY products with our brand name "HelloCig.

Customs and Tax issue for Drop Shipping orders

You are responsible to inform your customers of the import duty rule of their country before placing orders. We will do whatever we can do to help your customers minimize the tax if you have special packing or declaration instructions. It is impossible for us to get aware of import duties and other relevant costs for all countries.

Guarantee Policy for Drop Shipping orders

We have 1 or 3 months warranty on most atomizers and batteries, your customers should also send back the broken items for replacements. You can check our item description carefully.

You are responsible to provide instructions for your customers if they have any problems of the products. If you are not able to solve the problem, you may discuss the issue with us to get our solution.

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