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E-Liquid Calculator

Use the following E-Liquid Calculator to DIY your own special E-Liquid and save a lot of money! To use the E-Liquid Calculator correctly, please follow the instruction:

1. Enter the Nicotine Density of your nicotine base liquid.
If you use the E-Liquid Base with nicotine, enter the number of the nicotine density here. If you use our 99.9% Purity Nicotine product, enter number 999.

2. Enter the nicotine density you want to achieve. This number should be lower than the above number for diluting.

3. Enter the amount of E-Liquid in ML that you would like to make.

4. Enter a % amount for diluting, such as Water/Alcohol/PGA. (optional - good for thinning VG based liquid - can be left at 5-10%)

5. Enter a % amount for the Flavor Concentrates that you would like to make:
- a Low Strength % = weaker taste: can be left at about 5%;
- a Medium Strength % = medium taste: can be left at about 10%;
- a High Strength % = stronger taste - can be left at 15-20%.
You can mix with several different Flavor Concentrates or other materials to get whatever taste or composition combination you want to get your own special recipe, for example as shown in E-Liq Recipe.

6. Define at 20 drops per ML, or the other amount according to the dripper you use.

7. Press "Calculate". In case if you do not make the proportion normally, you may get some error message so that you need to adjust the numbers and recalculate.

8. You can name your recipe at 1 Name section, or make a note with your recipe at the Note section. You can print out your recipe by click the button: Print this page after the calculation.

9. Follow the guide and mix your E-Liquid. Have fun to make your own special E-Liquid and save a lot of money!

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